“Soul Reflections” Exhibit

I will be showing my photos on the theme “Soul Reflections”at the Cafe del Soul Restaurant in San Rafael from 10/11 to 12/14/17.

This theme is an exploration of the different ways that reflections can expand our view of the world. The photos were taken both in Marin and from places as various as the Canadian Rockies, Yosemite, and Bodie State Park ghost town. Here is a selected preview:

Broken Reflection
Japanese Painting
Lean into Dawn









If you’re interested in seeing more, please come and check it out! You’ll find the Cafe del Soul Restaurant  at 1408 4th St (between D and E Sts), San Rafael, CA . The restaurant is open Mon-Sat 10-8 and Sun 10-7.

The exhibit will also be shown at the Tam Junction restaurant of the same name, starting on 1/12/18. This restaurant is at 247 Shoreline Highway, Mill Valley, and is open the same hours as the San Rafael restaurant.

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